Freya Fennwood


Based in Bellingham, Washington, a beautiful coastal town near Seattle, Freya Fennwood shoots in a style that puts her subjects at ease and brings their playful side out while still getting important branding needs into the frame.

Years of adventuring and shooting outdoor sports imagery have given her the skills to problem-solve and run any set—from a cast-of-30 production in Mexico to a 3-person crew in the backcountry of the North Cascades

Creating a more diverse representation of women in advertising, especially outdoor imagery, has always been at the core of Freya’s work. She’s committed to showing women and people of all shapes, ages, and colors because, as she puts it, “I need to show the world I wish to see: racially diverse, environmentally responsible and centered around a healthy, love-filled relationship with our wild places.”

Freya has pledged to donate 10% of her profits to building a more equitable and racially diverse world and healthy environment. “It’s one small way I can help be part of the change that is needed,” she says, “and I am especially keen to work with clients who have a similar mission.”

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